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What are the early signs of autism

Fortunately, there are some simple signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that can help you determine if your baby or toddler may have autism.


What is Autism when looked at with fresh eyes?

Autism is diagnosis made based on a spectrum of symptoms, predominately defined by delays in social skills, communication skills and repetitive behaviours. Definitions are fine, but sometimes we need a deeper look.


ADHD and Improving Concentration

Many of us have seen the early signs of ADHD in our kids. The situation is getting worse. It's time to find out what causes ADHD so we can help our kids.


What are the symptoms of ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a condition that is characterised by problems with focus, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

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autism symptoms in adults

The rate of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in children is increasing, resulting in more knowledge and resources.  More adults are aware of ASD, and realise that they may have some signs of autism.


What are the symptoms of Autism?

Some symptoms of autism are limited eye contact, inappropriate responses, over-reactions to changes in routine, inability to express empathy, lack of impulse control, OCD behaviours and distaste for physical contact.


Healing autism naturally with home treatment

Simple, cost-effective and highly impactful health strategies to get started healing Autism Spectrum Disorder at home.


Are probiotics for Autism worth the money?

Should my Autistic child take probiotics? Are you wasting your money using probiotics as the first step?


Should I get an Autism Life Coach?

Coaches work closely with families to identify strengths and weaknesses in their child's abilities and teach them effective methods for managing challenging situations.


Can you be cured of autism?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for autism just yet. It’s an incredibly complex condition, and one that requires ongoing support.


How to Help Autism

To really help a child with autism, it's important to increase your awareness so that their needs can be uncovered.  Simply opening up your awareness and really looking for and noticing the patterns can go a long way to truly helping your child with autism.


We all have ADHD sometimes

Our poor attention days may be due to excessive alcohol, poor sleep etc. When it's our kids, we want to label it and treat it with medication.


How can I help my fussy eater?

Kids can overcome their fussy eating habits. If you understand how food cravings and sensory issues work, you can stack the cards in your favour.


Can improving gut health heal Autism?

Health starts in the gut. Any natural treatment for autism needs to include a plan to improve gut health.


Heal my Autistic child's gut

To properly heal the gut and promote a healthy microbiome and brain, it's best to plan an approach that is effective and efficient.


ADHD Symptoms
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