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If some parents can help their child reverse some of their autism, symptoms why not you? If you think the standard approach to autism has some missing pieces, you've come to the right place.


Having a child on the spectrum is overwhelming. Let us take away some of the overwhelm and guide you to see improvements faster.
Reduce Stress

Reduce the stress of decision making

Making such important decisions for your child and your family can be difficult. We help you sort out the overwhelming information and make better decisions.
Talk to someone

Talk to someone that understands

Having experienced being told that our child has autism and all the many things that go along with the diagnosis, we understand what you're going through.
save time and money

Save time and money

We spent a lot of time and money exploring many ways to help our child on the spectrum. Some worked and many didn't. Our guidance can save you a lot of time and money.

What we offer parents of children with autism

Free private community to receive help from us and the community of parents.

Private coaching and guidance.

Free private coaching and guidance when you purchase a Healy wellness product from our site.
The importance of health

We all perform better when we are healthy and happy

This is especially true for children with Autism. It's essential to support our kids on the autism spectrum with strategies that are known to help them improve their health. 
Lifestyle changes
Feel Comfortable
The importance of lifestyle and environment

We all want to feel calm, safe and comfortable

Children on the spectrum often have sensory triggers that amplify their other challenges, so it's important of support a calm, safe and comfortable environment.  It's easy to say, but not so easy to do, especially considering the challenges we as parents of children on the spectrum have.  Parent wellbeing is not on the forefront of the mind of our autism professionals.

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