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"Parents of children with ASD go on a journey that most don't know exists"

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I’m deeply concerned about the worsening situation of our kid’s health. It’s a serious issue, and for me, a person who’s seen first-hand what an improved diet and lifestyle can do for a child deeper on the Autism spectrum than just ADHD, I want to raise awareness and help parents improve the lives of their children.

Gut Colon Autism

Why gut health should form part of your natural Autism treatment plan

In this post, the first in a series on gut health, I’ll cover why your inner ecosystem is so important and maybe the most important thing to focus on when naturally healing Autism.


What if I told you to stop taking probiotics for now? Before you stop reading and conclude that I’m crazy, hear me out. You’re probably wasting your money if you’re taking probiotics as the first step to heal the gut or reduce the symptoms of ASD.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower parents with knowledge and confidence to help their children on the Autism Spectrum regain their health and live to their full potential after being affected by Autism. To help children with Autism grow and develop so that they positively shape our future, using their unique vision and creativity.

Many professionals help our children with Autism. You can enhance their improvement by setting up a lifestyle that helps your child get the most out of all of the support offered.

Children that are healthier, feel better and are happier respond much better to any proffessional help. Therefore their recovery is enhanced.

At Natural Autism Support we help parents set up a lifestyle and support network that enhances their life as a parent, helps them to not only cope with the challenges but improve their situation so much that they are grateful for the gifts their child on the spectrum has provided them.

Our Autism Recovery Story

We were thrust into the world of Autism, without knowing anything about it. Thankfully there were many proffessionals available to provide help, but we soon found that the support available to us was lacking in some critical areas. There didn't seem to be any real solid treatment for Autism that would develop them into independent adults that could use their unique talents to contribute significantly to society.

When our son was 4, we received a letter from his childcare, raising concerns with his development. From this point, there was further regression. Childcare referred him to a specialist in childhood development, who wanted to diagnose him with Autism.

We decided to read everything we could to gain a broader view of Autism. Initially we focussed on recovering his health, which made a huge impact, but learnt much more along the way.

Thankfully, after years of learning and implementing we have given our son the chance to be whoever he wants to be, without the limitations initially presented to us.

Beliefs on Autism Spectrum Disorder

We are here to help our kids be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Unfortunately, the predominant view in Autism involves un-scrutinised beliefs. The most impactful of these is “Autism is a lifelong permanent disorder”. This belief was formed many years ago before science showed that the brain could grow new neurons and restructure and before we knew that the gut produces a vast quantity of neurotransmitters that affect brain function. Now we even know that inflammation may be one of the most significant factors that influence the brain.

How many of your beliefs are yours, and not just something you told? How deeply have you reflected on your beliefs and are they true?

Our Approach to Autism Support

  • Provide a diet, environment and lifestyle to promote health your family.
  • Remove sources of inflammation
  • Eat a nutrient dense diet full plant based nutrients, quality proteins and essential fatty acids
  • Work on core skills and primitive reflexes that enhance the development of your child.
  • Work on emotional regulation and behaviour.
  • Provide parent of kids with ASD tools and the techniques to effectively implement that diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Find a skilled Integrated Health Practitioner (MD) that can target key health concerns and reverse or manage them.
  • Find and Autism Coach that can coach you on the many ways that Autism affects your family

Challenges of being a Parent healing their child with ASD

  • Changing diet and lifestyle is a big learning curve and requires work
  • Friends and family may not understand and may oppose the path you've chosen
  • People show natural sympathy and understanding for a child with apparent Autism and Aspergers. A child that is leaving the fog of the spectrum may not get the same understanding and can be judged as a naughty child when Autism traits show
  • The additional support and teaching you must provide as an Autism parent are challenging.

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