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We are family of 5 who were thrust into the world of autism

There's not much that can prepare you for the emotions and challenges of having a child diagnosed with autism.  We certainly weren't prepared for it.  Every parent has there own experiences and respond in different ways.

For us, we didn't want to accept it.  Even though it frustrated the professionals involved in the diagnosis, we both have science and engineering degrees, so we are trained to question and approach everything in a scientific way.  

Some things didn't add up, such as the assumption that our son has permanent brain development issues that can't be improved in any significant way.  This assumption was made without any diagnostic imaging or scientific testing.  We decided to hit the books and literature, and look at our son's autism from different angles.

Our Services

We have a mission to help other parents who are looking to reverse the symptoms of autism for their children.  This includes all children on the autism spectrum including ADHD.  We do this through coaching and our private online community.
The Natural Autism Support private community is an online community build on the HeartBeat platform that enables us to openly share with each other and easily organise important resources.

The Private community will help parents of children on the autism spectrum and adults with Autism. You may utilise the community to explore many new strategies available to you. Let the community help you uncover the best ones for you.
It's not doctors, or any of the early intervention specialists that manage the overall intervention strategy. It's the parents that choose which strategies and professionals are used. Coaching from parents that have experience is a wise investment that will pay for itself, many times over. 

Coaching from parents experienced with autism can help you find the best combination of strategies to help your child, and get the best value for your money. Coaching can widen your view of autism and ADHD. It will help you find effective strategies that you've missed. With the right coaching, we would have saved thousands of dollars and helped our child more effectively sooner.


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