Our Mission to help Autism and provide parent support

We empower parents to be the leader managing the Autism support for their children and help parents implement a healthy lifestyle that improves their lives beyond expectations.

The treatment of autism spectrum disorder currently assists the child through behavioural techniques. However, our mission is to help families get more out of this treatment by not only having healthy kids ready to learn and develop but by having parents with enough energy and motivation to continue the learning at home.

Experts in the area of ASD inform parents about the facts of Autism, but do they have to be facts in all situations? Professionals project a future for your child that doesn’t necessarily need to be true. The expected future may be true if nothing changes, and you continue to allow them a restricted diet with low-quality food, they spend most of their time inside playing with screens, and nothing is done to improve their sleep hygiene. Just like in a scientific experiment whereby you change conditions, and therefore need to change the assumptions, and you get different results, the premise of Autism being permanent doesn’t have to true if you change the conditions, or use other tools.

Many years ago, Psychologists decided that .they couldn’t help Autism enough to have significant gains. They couldn’t improve the Autism symptoms sufficiently to be able to take away the diagnosis. As a result, Autism was considered permanent. The use of the word permanent has had a significant impact on our thinking about Autism that continues to today.

If a building’s owner gave a window cleaner the task of cleaning graffiti off a brick wall, he might try his window cleaning chemicals and tools that he uses to clean windows and have no success. He could convey to the owner of the building that the graffiti is permanent, and they have to live with it. The paint could remain for decades, and everyone gets used to the idea that the paint is there permanently. There are people however that have worked out how to remove paint from walls. The paint can be easily removed from the wall if the building owner approves the use of someone who understands paint and uses different methods than a window cleaner. The graffiti is no longer considered permanent. This example is similar to thinking of Autism.

Traditionally Psychologists were set the task to help Autism. They were the experts in brain disorders. We now know, however, that overall health affects the brain. We know that gut health has a significant effect on the brain. We have seen people recover brain function after serious brain injury. There is much evidence that the brain can grow new neurons and restructure.

The belief of Autism being permanent has been carried down to parents of Autistic children today even though most Autistic children don’t receive any treatment targeted at improving overall health, gut health or brain health.

Our mission is to help Autism parents develop a healthy lifestyle for their family. To help parents break down limiting beliefs and see a more positive future for their children.

As any family with children on the spectrum know, it’s hard work. While other kids learn with relative ease, these children need constant help, guidance and teaching. It takes a special parent to have these children and keep it together. The last thing a parent wants is to add more workload that comes with a lifestyle change with healthy eating.

We are here to help you help Autism to be less of a hindrance. Very rarely will you find Autism Parent Support.

We have lived it for over five years, and we can help you make the change more easily. You will even find that your ability to cope will improve quite quickly once you are healthier, and have improved ability to look after yourself. Imagine saying goodbye to the brain fog and tiredness that you thought was a normal part of ageing. Parents must look after themselves if they are to help their children. It can be challenging to cope, and your kids depend on you, so look after yourself!

I believe that in time you will look back on the experience as a blessing. Having these children can be a catalyst to positive change in your life.


A medical Autism treatment may never come since there is no one cause. Parents must observe their child's early signs of Autism, and notice what helps.

I’m deeply concerned about the worsening situation of our kid’s health. It’s a serious issue, and for me, a person who’s seen first-hand what an improved diet and lifestyle can do for a child deeper on the Autism spectrum than just ADHD, I want to raise awareness and help parents improve the lives of their children.