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A wholistic approach to help autism

If some parents can help their child heal their autism, why not you?  If you think the standard approach to autism has some missing pieces, you've come to the right place.

Human beings perform better when they are healthy and happy.  This is especially true for children with Autism.  It's essential to support our kids on the autism spectrum with strategies that are known to help them improve their health. 

To help autistic individuals live fuller, richer lives, a broader approach to treatment is needed.  This isn't to create more work, but rather to make larger positive steps faster.  The goal should be to address all aspects of the child's life, including supporting the family to which the child belongs.
Autism is a broad term used to describe many disorders. To treat autism, we need to understand the challenges of the child, and choose from a more comprehensive list of items to add to our treatment strategy.  We need to know how to support the whole family, as well as the individual who has autism.

Once an autism spectrum diagnosis is made, the conventional treatment offered for your child is customised somewhat.  However, the range of suggestions is often very limited, and rarely relates to diet and other health-promoting activities beyond occupational therapy.
In my experience, and the experience of many other parents, children on the spectrum experience much faster and more amazing improvements when other strategies are added to the list.

If, for example, you narrow your view to just the Autism Professionals for early intervention, you and the professionals need to work very hard to make improvements.  However, if you manage to make some improvements in diet, exercise, emotional state, and environment, etc, the Autism Professionals will be more effective in treating the early signs of Autism.

Please consider adding the strategies discussed in our blog to your early intervention program.  Here's our blog post with 4 strategies for healing autism at home.  For further support, you can join our online private community with parents of kids in the spectrum and learn about the benefits of hiring an autism coach.

Here are some broad topics that everyone should consider in their ASD treatment plan

Diet and Autism

Human beings perform better in any endeavour when they are healthy and happy. Despite the lack of emphasis on health in the traditional autism care approach, we now realize the benefits of promoting health in children diagnosed with autism.  Improving their health enables them to respond to therapies more positively.

Exercise for Autism

Encouraging exercise in children is essential for their development. This goes beyond the infrequent occupational therapy sessions. It's also important to encourage kids with ASD to explore physical exercise naturally to help them develop neurologically and physically. Exercise can also help establish healthy cell metabolism, which is vital to do in Autism.

Emotional support for kids with ASD

Emotional regulation can be challenging for anyone, particularly those on the Autism Spectrum. Challenges with understanding and processing emotions can result in outbursts, defiance, violence and many other challenges that Autistic children may experience.

Autism Professionals

Finding the right professionals to help you and your child is essential. Professionals that help your child at deeper levels, closer to the root course will produce better outcomes. It's not just about managing symptoms and the outward behaviours.


The environment that your child is exposed to is crucial. This includes the sensory environment, air quality, lighting and the emotions and behaviours of the people in the environment.

Parenting Autistic Children

Being parents of a child on the Autism Spectrum calls for more skill than the average parent. It's essential to look after and nurture yourself and your partner. Create a calm and loving family environment that accepts unusual thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Be Coached from someone that's healed their son's autism

Our son's autism diagnosis was a shock.  Even though autism awareness has grown significantly, most parents don't know much about autism.  We certainly didn't.  Although it may seem that knowing about autism before the diagnosis would help, I'm glad we didn't know much.  This meant that we had no pre-conceived ideas.  We aren't parents that naturally jump to conclusions based on other peoples ideas, but in our case, we were certainly not going to assume the worst for our son.  We didn't want our son to resign to the limitations being painted by the professionals making the diagnosis.  Particularly when there were so many broad and unfounded assumptions.
We are parents, but also scientists that like to test ideas before we believe them.  When looked at the evidence that our son had a permanent brain developmental issue, we couldn't come to the conclusion that it was even a structural issue, let alone permanent.  No brain scans or any test to confirm their assumptions were done.  Only observational tests were carried out.
We did know, however, that he had gut issues.  When we started reading and researching, we found that gut issues and inflammation can cause autism like symptoms.  So that's were we started, and within a week or two, we already knew we were on the right track.
We did it alone for months.  Late nights reading, counselling each other about the grief of the diagnosis.  There weren't many people that had healed their child with autism at the time, and there weren't coaches.  We got some things right and some things wrong, but we were moving in the right direction.  We wasted money on things that didn't work, and we got some things right.  If I knew what I know now, we could have done it faster and cheaper.
If you have a child with autism, you have some important decisions to make.  Which path will you take?  If you choose the path of diet and lifestyle improvements, I recommend that you get someone to coach you through it.  Invest in your child's development with an autism coach, and every minute spent on early intervention will be more effective.
You, as the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, are responsible for the treatment plan for your child.  We often fall into the trap of handing that responsibility to other people, such as an occupational therapist or psychologist.  They are here to help, but they are one of the many tools that make up the overall plan.  It's the parent that's responsible for the plan, and to choose the tools that works best for your situation.
Having an Autism Coach will help you to make better choices to help your child faster and more effectively.  We help you to make better decisions for your family and to avoid wasting money on things that are unlikely to provide benefit.

How we can help you

Our speciality and focus is working with you to explore all options in your quest to help your child on the autism spectrum and choose the most impactful ones.  We have a particular interest in strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of your child. 



Having a child on the spectrum is overwhelming.  Let us take away some of the overwhelm and guide you to see improvements faster.

Talk to someone

Talk to someone that understands

Having experienced being told that our child has autism and all the many things that go along with the diagnosis, we understand what you're going through.

Decision Making

Reduce the stress of decision making

Making such important decisions for your child and your family can be difficult.  We help you sort out the overwhelming information and make better decisions.

Save time and monty

Save time and money

We spent a lot of time and money exploring many ways to help our child on the spectrum.  Some worked and many didn't.  Our guidance can save you a lot of time and money.