Parents of children with Autism

Natural Autism Support

Approach to Naturally Healing Autism

To more effectively improve the lives of those people on the Autism Spectrum, expanding your thinking to incorporate a wider view is needed.  This isn't to create more work or complications, but rather to make larger positive steps faster.  If, for example, you narrow your view to just the Autism Professionals for early intervention, you and the professionals need to work very hard to make improvements.  However, if you manage to make some improvements in diet, exercise, emotional state, and environment, etc, the Autism Professionals will be more effective in treating the early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Diet and Autism

Human beings perform better in any endeavour when they are healthy and happy. Despite the lack of focus on health in the traditional ASD treatment approach, we now appreciate the benefit of promoting health in children with Autism. Improving their health enables them to respond to therapies more positively.

Exercise for Autism

Encouraging exercise in children is essential for their development. This goes beyond the infrequent occupational therapy sessions. It's also important to encourage kids with ASD to explore physical exercise naturally to help them develop neurologically and physically. Exercise can also help establish healthy cell metabolism, which is vital to do in Autism.

Emotional support for kids with ASD

Emotional regulation can be challenging for anyone, particularly those on the Autism Spectrum. Challenges with understanding and processing emotions can result in outbursts, defiance, violence and many other challenges that Autistic children may experience.

Autism Professionals

Finding the right professionals to help you and your child is essential. Professionals that help your child at deeper levels, closer to the root course will produce better outcomes. It's not just about managing symptoms and the outward behaviours.


The environment that your child is exposed to is crucial. This includes the sensory environment, air quality, lighting and the emotions and behaviours of the people in the environment.

Parenting Autistic Children

Being parents of a child on the Autism Spectrum calls for more skill than the average parent. It's essential to look after and nurture yourself and your partner. Create a calm and loving family environment that accepts unusual thoughts, emotions and behaviours.