Parents of children with Autism

Your childs autism symptoms can be changed - get an Autism Life Coach

If some parents can heal their child's autism, why not you?  If you think the standard approach to autism has some missing pieces, you've come to the right place.  Invest in your child's development with an autism coach.

Navigating the world of Autism has been a life-changing experience for us.  It's brought the full range of emotions and has been the biggest stimulus for growth possible.  Seeing the change in our son has been extremely rewarding.
It may sound simple and rewarding, but it has been the most difficult experience of our lives.  If the 2012 version of me was to know what was in store for us, all the emotional turmoil and hard work, I may not have taken the road less travelled.  Out path was to read, learn and think outside the box with the focussed goal of healing our son's autism, and removing his limitations.  I can say with surety that most people exploring interventions for autism and ADHD are missing a huge chunk of the puzzle.
We are now passionate about sharing our experiences with others through autism life coaching.  To achieve our goal of improving the lives of people with autism, we are offering very cost-effective ways of helping you and your family.  So cost-effective, that you'll probably save more money through the support and advice than you would spend on things that are unlikely to work out for you.  This is particularly the case, if you are a person that believes the standard approach to autism has some missing pieces, and wants to find what works.

Do you need an Autism Life Coach?

Why do I need an Autism coach?

It's not doctors, or any of the early intervention specialists that manage the overall intervention strategy.  It's the parents that choose which strategies and professionals are used.  Coaching from parents that have experience is a wise investment that will pay for itself, many times over. 

How can coaching help?

Coaching from parents experienced with autism can help you find the best combination of strategies to help your child, and get the best value for your money.  Coaching can widen your view of autism and ADHD.  It will help you find effective strategies that you've missed. With the right coaching, we would have saved thousands of dollars and helped our child more effectively sooner.

How can Autism Coaching help?

You are not alone

Only parents of children on the spectrum can understand what you're going through. Early intervention specialists may be helpful, but they do not fully understand what parents go through. We have been there ourselves and we care and understand.  We can fill the gap that others can't fill.

Why should I choose Natural Autism Support coaching?

We chose the road less travelled, on a path with more unknowns.  We are scientists and engineers that looked at autism from another angle.  We'll help you look at autism in a new way and choose strategies that will enhance your life as well as your children's lives.  We help you to waste less time and money in things that are unlikely to work.

Get some guidance while you wait in line

Early intervention specialists are in high demand.  Don't sit on your hands while you wait in line.  Make a start in the right direction now.

Our coaching will help you get the most out of early intervention

Children that are health experience greater benefits from anything they do, compared to unhealthy children.  Children on the spectrum are no different.  Natural Autism Support focus on improving the health of your child to get the most out of all interventions that you choose for your child.

A Community of Support

How a community can help

Parents of children with autism can help each other by sharing experiences and knowledge.  Joining our private community will give you access to share ideas and experiences with other parents with various experiences.

Why should I choose Natural Autism Support community?

The Natural Autism Support private community is an online community build on the HeartBeat platform that enables us to openly share with each other and easily organise important resources.

Life Coaching for Autistic Adults

We offer life coaching for Adults

Adults benefit strongly from life coaching that supports health strategies.  We provide life coaching for Autistic Adults who want to experience the benefits of improved health.  Once you experience your brain being turned back on, and the brain fog going away, you'll have a new passion for life.  

The Natural Autism Support community is for everyone

The Natural Autism Support private community will help adults with Autism and parents.  You may have lived with Autism all of your life, but never explored many of the strategies available to you.  Let the community help you uncover the best ones for you.

What we offer

We focus on providing amazing value for you and your family.  The benefits will far outweigh the investment.
Take advantage of our introductory low prices.  Join early to reap the benefits.

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